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Friday, February 6, 2015

                  "Winds of Change"

I have known Amy Larson for many years.  She is a very gifted riding instructor, horse trainer, and artist.  In August of 2014 Amy and I met in Medora to hike in the park.  Amy had fallen in love with the wild horses there, wanted to experience being with them in their native setting, and wanted to photograph them in order to draw and paint them.

The original oil painting is a result of that visit.  Amy graciously donated this 16 x 24 print of the band stallion, Silver.  Others have donated the cost to have it professionally framed with triple matting, a quality wood frame that will go with modern or traditional furnishings, and museum glass.  This is a $435.00 value with all proceeds going to North Dakota Badlands Horse.  For a donation of $5:00 you can have 1 chance to win this beautiful piece of art.  $25 gives you 6 and $40 gives you 10 chances.

Ways of managing and handling wild horses all over this great country are gradually changing and evolving to be more humane and stress free.  North Dakota Badlands Horse wants to get in on the ground floor and make a difference in the lives of the wild horses at Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  Please help us by making a generous donation to NDBH.  You can use PayPal at the address below or send a check to :
12880 Bogus Jim Road
Rapid City, SD 57702


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