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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I have finally finished a compilation of short stories, most of which are from this blog, but there are some new ones too.  This project was done mostly for my family at the insistence of Sandi, my sister.   A writer I am not, but she wanted me to record my stories of the adventures I have had while tracking the wild horses in TRNP over the past several years.  Realizing I have had the privilege of doing what many people only dream of doing, spending time with wild horses running free in a wild, sometimes hazardous land, I am sharing this book with friends and others who may find it entertaining.  I've had any family member I could coerce into helping me read through and proof it.  Going over it a hundred times myself has only resulted in sore, tired eyes.  Therefore, I hope there are no glaring mistakes in the book, but if there are, I don't want to know about them.  The book is available for $29.95 in soft cover at Blurb at the following site.  Eighty % of the profits for this book will go to North Dakota Badlands Horse, a 501 (c) (3) non profit established to promote and preserve the wild horses of TRNP.   There is also a hard cover version available now.  Thank you!